Distance Learning



In line with government’s directives to curb the spread of the COVID-19, Bountiful STEEM Educational Center is embarking on a virtual classes, live Streaming,Tutorials and projects assignments would be uploaded on our website. Parents and Students are strongly encouraged to visit our website daily to attend live classes or download prerecorded lessons.

Submission of assignment is via online  or WhatsApp. You would receive feedback with solutions after the assignments and project have been reviewed.
Kindly forward your email address to: info@bountifultsteemeducationalcenter.com / bountifulsteemedu@gmail.com or WhatsApp at +233 243 998 980  /  +1 385 424 3751 so we can constantly update you on current  happenings at the center.
We pray that this virus will go away soon!
Management Bountiful STEEM Educational Center.



Bountiful STEEM Educational Center Explore the world of robotics, science, technology, engineering, and math with the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation, and put your knowledge to work with these hands-on engaging activities to earn robotics badges! Together, through these real-world concepts and activities, Bountiful STEEM Educational Center, The Bountiful STEEM Educational Foundation, and VEX Robotics want to empower you to reach for your dreams and redefine the face of STEEM. Join us for a daily virtual classroom and hands-on STEM Labs with our Certified Educational STEEM Robotics Teachers.


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