Customer Loyalty & Leadership Training



Businesses today are facing ever increasing competition as customers have so many
choices to turn to. It is no longer enough to merely satisfy customers with products
when similar ones are offered by so many competitors. The answer is to create truly
loyal customers for your business.
Loyal customers do four things: 1) they come back, 2) they buy more and use more of
your services, 3) they offer their suggestions and feedback, and most importantly, 4)
they refer their friends.
But remember: it’s not enough to merely satisfy your customers: there are many
sources that will provide similar goods and services to what you offer.
Your challenge is to create “raving fans,” which are intensely loyal to you and your
brand and company! And it is the mission of everyone on your team to create this
experience. The tools and skills for doing this are in an entirely new service class.
You do this by mastering the two things that customers want: 1) Solve my problem and
2) Leave me feeling great about the experience. Most businesses do quite well on the
first, and only satisfy their customers. It’s the last part: how we leave them feeling that
does the most to create loyalty.
The Solution:
Our solution provides your entire staff the mind-set, skill-set and tool-set for turning
every customer into a loyal customer. It begins by involving everyone from executives
down to the front line.
We do this through a process, not merely a program. We help you assess your current
level of customer loyalty, and then build a customized program for helping your team
reach new levels of service excellence. The result is a new level of excitement and a
unified team committed to each other and to all your important customers.
Customers Only Want Two Things: Winning Customer Loyalty

This three-hour seminar is for every employee. They will
learn and practice specific skills and tools for revolutionizing
the customer experience at every touch point in the business.
Each person will make their own personal action plan
commitment card on how they will apply what they have
learned. The seminar is fun, fast-moving and packed with
activities and discussions. It includes a set of our Quick Cards
and over thirty Hot-tip Cards for use during and after the
workshop. We also address how to work with difficult

What you will learn and experience
 The value of customer service and process improvement.
 How to analyze problems, organize and communicate ideas, and effectively implement solutions.
 A new common language and common experience we’ll refer to as we design our new organization.
 Application of concepts to real live challenges in participants organizations thus you’ll work in team to solve problem in your firm.

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The VisionBound Emerging Leader Academy

Developing Future Leaders

Introduction: Providing organizations with top-drawer leadership is essential for success and future growth.
In talking with leaders, we often find succession planning and developing current and future leaders as one of their top needs and priorities.
VisionBound is in the business of helping companies with the growing challenge of succession planning. Part of this process is creating a talent pool of qualified candidates for promotion into leadership positions. Too often we promote higher performing staff into leadership roles without preparing them with the new skills they need to be successful: just because someone is great technically does not mean they are prepared to lead a team of challenging people! This applies to maintenance and office teams as well.
Program: The VisionBound Emerging Leader Academy will develop key management and leadership skills in high potential “emerging” leaders to prepare them for future promotion. It provides five to eight days of intensive and application-oriented skills in many critical competencies, along with peer feedback profiles.
Participants can be assigned to individual mentors, and complete leadership projects that improve the company, and participate in customized Individual Development Plans (ILDP’s).
The goal is to provide a highly prepared “pool” of well-prepared candidates for future promotion into
leadership positions. This Academy can stand alone, or it can complement three other customized
Academies: The Leadership 101 Academy, the Advanced Leadership Academy and the Executive Leadership

Purpose: One of the most significant problems facing many organizations today is that of preparing the “next generation” of leaders/managers, sometimes referred to as succession planning. Many companies prefer to “hire from within” whenever possible. Preparing a pool of trained people provides that asset. The problem is particularly acute today because:
Many organizations are facing the most pressing period of turnover and “brain drain” in several
decades as baby boomers near retirement. The economy is keeping many people from retiring
earlier, but inevitably they will.
Some organizations are also enjoying a period of unprecedented growth. Others have a rapid
turnover of first level leaders. Finding and selecting qualified first line team leads and managers to
fill these new slots is a challenge.
Finally, when we thrust new leaders into their positions without preparing them, we are setting
them up for potential failure, frustration and ineffectiveness. We then end up expending
considerable time and effort in corrective actions, not to mention the loss of productivity in the
teams they are leading. In this case, “an ounce of prevention is
worth many pounds of cure.” In one “stroke of a pen,” we can lose our top line performer and turn
them into our poorest first line leader!
By creating a development program for future leaders, we also retain top talent which might
otherwise go elsewhere

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a. This program provides the trained and motivated pool of future leaders needed by the company.
b. It inspires and motivates the top performers to stay with the company, giving them a sense of
importance and a reason to hope for the future. Thus, it helps to attract, retain and develop top talent.
c. It enables the current leadership team to mentor and get to know these future leaders on a personal basis, developing relationships and helping them both network.
d. It also gives hope to new employees arriving in the company who can look forward to being in future classes.
e. It results in having twenty leadership projects completed each year that will benefit the company at large.

COURSE MATERIALS: All relevant handouts and certificate of participation.
TARGET AUDIENCE: Church Leaders, CEO’S, CIO, Chief Directors, Production Managers, Business development
Managers, Entrepreneurs, IT Managers Information Officers, Financial Controllers, Sales & Marketing Managers, and
Technical Operations Managers.
CLASS SIZE: 10-50 Participants


Cost: GH¢ 1500.00

Duration: 3 Days