English 3 Learning & Teaching Center


Executive Summary
English3 delivers a personalized language learning experience with accelerated, high-quality, and targeted results. Armed with the industry-leading technology, methodologies, and experience, English3 is uniquely qualified to bring rapid learning results while providing a variety of implementation options.

Company Overview
English3’s mission is to increase the quality and accessibility of education throughout the world through high-quality, accessible, and affordable English instruction and assessment.
Since 2006, English3 has partnered with hundreds of universities, businesses, and humanitarian organizations and has helped thousands become proficient in English.
English3 Products and Services
English3 provides instruction and assessment services for universities, businesses, and individuals. To learn more, go to english3.com. As a brief overview, our services include:

1. 100% Online English or hybrid tutorial : English3 combines one-on-one or group sessions with North American tutors and unlimited access to online ESL programs. English3’s programs are affordable, effective, and proven. Benefits include:
• Meet with expert North American tutors
• Study when and where you decide
• Unlimited access to online software
• Targeted to the needs of each learner
• Engaging learning method
• The fastest results of any English program
2. Industry-Specific English Training: English3’s industry-specific training courses are perfect for institutions looking to provide their students or employees real-life language skills they will need and use every day.
3. American Classroom Readiness Course: Many schools and businesses face the same problem: international students pass language proficiency exams or graduate from English speaking institutions yet struggle to perform basic tasks. This course is designed to get students accustomed to the American cutlure so that they can excel in required tasks, including group work, in-class participation, presentations, and others. $99 / student.
4. E3PT (English3 Proficiency Test): The E3PT (English3 Proficiency Test) provides institutions a more accurate and comprehensive assessment, while providing test-takers a better experience. The E3PT focuses on language used in academic situations and employs cutting-edge technology and techniques.
The E3PT can be used in place of the TOEFL or IELTS, or as additional evidence of English Proficiency.
• Benefits of the E3PT include:
• Administrative dashboard to view applicant videos and essays
• Focused on academic scenarios
• Affordable for applicants, only $99
• Accessible, taken online at anytime and anywhere
• Results in 1-5 days
• A better test-taking experience
5. The E3J1 English Interview: For university ISSS offices looking for a more consistent, compliant, and convenient way to verify exchange visitor English proficiency. Eliminate logistical challenges and consistently verify J-1 visitors’ ability to participate in their program and to function on a day-to-day basis. Universities choose the E3J1 Interview because it:
• Provides focused alignment with their J-1 needs
• Is free to the university
• Is preferred by scholars, even over free skype interviews
• Can be completed anytime, anywhere, and in 25 minutes

• Provides results in 1-5 days
• Is recommended by 100% of our customers.
6. Customized Online English Tests: English3 partners with institutions around the world to create English tests that are targeted to specific needs. Some of English3’s customized tests include:
• E3PT Medical
• E3PT Business
• The E3J1 English Interview
• E3 Placement
• And more

Top 6 Reasons to Learn English with ENGLISH3 :
1.Meet with world-class North American tutors
2.Study when and where you decide online or at our English3 Language Centers in Ghana, coming soon in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Togo
3.Unlimited access to online software
4.Targeted to the needs of each learner
5.Engaging learning method
6.The fastest results of any English program
7.Discounts on other English3 products


Cost: GH¢ 1700.00

Duration: 3 Months