Microsoft Technology Associate


MTA: Certification
Microsoft Technology Associate

MTA certifications are a great place to start if you
would like to get into the technology field. MTA
certifications address a wide spectrum of
fundamental technical concepts, assess and
validate core technical knowledge, and enhance
technical credibility.


You can earn an MTA certification by taking an
exam in one of the following tracks, depending on
your interests and career goals.


  • For anyone planning on pursuing a career in IT, it’s important for them to learn the basics of information technology. Receiving MTA certification is highly beneficial. According to information gathered by Microsoft, ninety-one percent of the managers of IT departments insist that an MTA certification is an added advantage for job applicants. The reason behind this is that managers have seen the advantage of having MTA training in the workplace and therefore prefer to have new workers with the certification.


  • Managers also recommend that those that are already working in the company receive MTA training if they were taken into the job without having being certified. Sixty-four percent of managers have reported that people with MTA training have sharper skills and perform excellently beyond the company’s expectations. According to a survey carried out by Microsoft, at least sixty percent of employees had secured a job as a result of MTA certification.

Cost: GH¢ 2030.00

Duration: 3 Months