Join our growing community of makers and make something amazing


Makers are the future. They create new and innovative things, fix what is broken, and inspire the next generation. At STEEM Centre, we support makers through our STEEMWorks space where you can access wood-working and metal-working tools, hand-tools, 3D printers, CNC, laser cutter, and more

The Tools to Create

There are many ways to be creative; you can make art, make cabinets, make robots, and more! At STEEM Centre, we have you covered with many tools to build your imagination. From 3D printers to wood working tools, and more still to come. As a member, you can shape what tools are available.

Children learning
Working together

Bountiful Steem students displaying their completed assignment, after careful planning and teamwork.

Building robots
Creating Robots

Learning to create a high level Steem Robots is a gradually step a student goes through to achieve. Children learn to master their coding to enable them better communicate with the Robots.

Learning to build

Once the children get to understand the process, determination is all they need to learn to apply. We help them to grow mentally.

Getting set

The Kids get the opportunity to interact with their Robotic instructor and more importantly their colleague to know more about how they where about to achieve, and also share experiences.

Highly Trained and Certified Instructors

Our Highly trained instructor are there to help and support the kids in any form, They direct them and patiently take them through the course to become experts in Robotics.

children build robot
Building and Coding

We don’t just teach them but we train them to do it all by them selves. We stay with them through the learning process and we have fun together.

What the community is saying about Bountiful STEEM Education!

“[During their field-trip] the students were so engaged that they became different students! As a space that promotes creativity and thinking, project based learning is the future of education…and the direction we need to go.” “freedom to try new things without being afraid to be wrong is what makes the STEEM Centre the uplifting, energized place that it is.’ “[STEEM Staff] were “truly fabulous…letting the students discover things on their own. They went above and beyond my expectation.”