Help us enrich the lives of the community!

Bountiful STEEM Educational Center is a registered Limited liability company in Ghana

Keep STEEM going!

Bountiful STEEM Educational Centre’s purpose is to empower all learners and makers in Ghana West Africa to create the future through play, ingenuity and exploration using STEEM learning tools. We can’t do that without your help! As an organization, we can’t provide the services we provide without your  help , fundraising and volunteers to keep us going.

You can help in many ways:


re//BUILD.IT eWaste

donating your eWaste with us, you help give a new life to reusable equipment. For instance, PCs can be rebuilt and repurposed for the families who need them! Anything that cannot be reused will be recycled properly.



We are a small organization, and we can’t provide the services we do without volunteer help. Our volunteers help in workshops and camps, training’s, at events, and more all while learning various emerging skills like laser cutting and 3D Printing.



Your donations help keep us going and allow us to provide new services. Your money powers field trips for local schools and keeps the price of workshops low. As a registered organization in Ghana to support STEEM education , we will provide you with donation receipts for donations above $20. You can even sign up for monthly donations as well.

Become Bountiful STEEM Educational Volunteer

Volunteering has many benefits. Helping your fellow makers is just one.

Ways you can Volunteer!

Welcome Desk

A welcome desk volunteer will greet members and help them sign in/out and field questions from interested community members.

Community Ambassador

A community ambassador will help spread the word of all things STEAM in the community. Ambassadors may help run tours and support events

stem training
STEEMWorks Makerspace Supervisor & Mentor

A STEEMWorks makerspace supervisor will help ensure a safe environment while acting as a springboard for members’ ideas.

Workshop & Classroom Facilitators

A workshop facilitator will help to keep everyone focused and troubleshoot problems. Facilitators may help with kids’ camps, PD Days, and courses.

Get started volunteering!

To begin volunteering right away, please fill out our Volunteer Information Form so that we can learn more about you & connect with you about specific volunteer needs.